Signs You Might Have A Gut Health Issue: Hair, Skin, and Nails

Signs You Might Have A Gut Health Issue Hair, Skin, and Nails

This is the final part of my Timeline of Health mini series. Again, this is a focus on how our gut health impacts our lives and how as time goes on we experience more of these pesky symptoms that seem ‘normal’, but are very avoidable.

As time goes on, we experience more of these pesky symptoms that seem ‘normal’, but are very avoidable.


This final part we are going to discuss

  • hair growth,
  • nail strength, and
  • skin condition.

Just like everything else we have discussed, many things can impact our hair, skin, & nails.  But focusing on gut health should be the first step before investing in expensive treatments that may not work. 


First, I am not knocking supplements. These can be amazing additions to a health regiment.  But if your gut health is not on point they can be a waste of money.

So what happens to our hair, skin, and nails if our gut is not functioning optimally? Our bodies when not functioning properly go into survival mode. Some of the first things to be neglected are our hair and nails because while they play a role in our health, they are not as important as our vital organs. Strong nails and long hair don’t keep our hearts pumping.


One of the most relatable scenarios is pregnancy. When women go through a significant hormone increase in pregnancy they see things such as thick luscious hair, strong quick growing nails, and glowing skin. This is in part due to prenatal vitamins but largely due to a hormone increase.

Once they have their baby, their hair starts to fall out, skin can get a little crazy with breakouts or dryness, and that is just due to hormone decrease and fluctuation. Medication can also impact hair growth and texture, such as chemo. So men or women can see these impacts. 


Our skin is our largest organ so it obviously requires a lot of nutrients to function well and remain healthy, but hair and nails are very much secondary to getting their needs met. When I was going through menopause I had several days of heavy bleeding, a common occurrence with menopause.  I let it go on until my nails started flaking and chipping apart and my hair fell out in clumps.

I bled so heavily I had become anemic and needed an iron supplement as my iron was severely depleted. So that was just an iron deficiency, and you can now see how a larger nutrient deficiency could impact the health of your hair and nails.

Hair and nails is what will suffer first.


Hair and nails is what will suffer first and then your skin starts to show signs of nutrient deprivation. A lack of nutrients can present itself a few ways in skin. Some people will see skin

  • dullness,
  • dryness, and
  • flakiness, while others will see more severe skin conditions such as
  • eczema,
  • psoriasis, and
  • dermatitis. 


Autoimmune disorders are frequently accompanied by skin issues and nutrition can amplify those issues. This entire mini series I have frequently mentioned autoimmune disorders. We have talked about stomach aches and bloating, fatigue, hormone issues, not being able to lose or gain weight, and now hair, skin, and nails.

If you haven’t been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder but can relate to much of what was discussed, you have a high probability of being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. The good news is if you are experiencing these symptoms, even if you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, they are all largely reversible or extremely manageable!

Even if you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, they are all largely reversible or extremely manageable!


The 12 Week Gut Reset is the perfect program to create a healthier gut and either eliminate current disorders or make your symptoms much more tolerable. 


So as mentioned, hair, skin and nails are greatly impacted by gut health. Typically your hair and nails will see the first sign of an imbalance because our bodies go into survival mode when we are not absorbing or receiving the right nutrients and our hair and nails are not required for survival.

Our skin will show signs of gut health by simply being dry or dull and can have more severe conditions like psoriasis or eczema. If you have these signs and symptoms and do the gut reset you will definitely see improvement in your hair, skin, and nails.

Your hair will typically start to shine, nails begin to grow stronger, skin looks clearer and bright. Who doesn’t love the sound of that!?

Among the many amazing benefits I have discussed in this mini series, the 12 Week Gut Reset not only shows results quickly, it continues to provide results after.

If you haven’t read through all the parts of this mini series I urge you to do so (you can start here). There is so much information provided that gives a clear picture on how much our gut health impacts our lives.

If you want to learn more and get on the list for the next class, message me today!

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