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Tracie Bieler Health and Nutrition Coach

The Reason I Became


Health is so much more than a number on a scale!

Today, I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been. I love knowing that I am leading by example in my family.

Mindset is the foundation of long-term success in any endeavor, including getting fit and healthy. Because this is such an important component in reaching your health and fitness goals, I teach mindset transformation to all my clients, and have recently begun speaking on the subjects of nutrition, mindset and fitness.

Tracie is certified in nutrition and health coaching  as well as gut health through IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

Struggling with your health?

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Take Back Control
Health Coaching

Healthy living is more than what you eat. It’s your mindset and KNOWING what to do. This is where I can support you in making a change that lasts. With my 1:1 coaching packages you get 6 months of:

– Two 1 hour coaching sessions per month. (in person or on Zoom)
– Personalized goal setting and action steps
– Recipes and meal ideas
– Recipe e-book
– Journal and other support materials based on individualized program
– Free access to my group coaching programs throughout the 6 months

My Clients Say
Jen H.

Tracie, I just want to thank you so much for your guidance with my food choice at the races yesterday.  Having you give me a “best choice’ to pick from and explain why, not only helped me to not go hungry or choose poorly, but mentally it never let guilt or shame enter my mind!  I felt confidence that I was sticking to my new life choice in a social situation that I had little control over my food choices in and not taking a step in the wrong direction.  May seem trivial, but to me this was something I cannot thank you enough for!

Janet F.

So in my first 30 days, I lost 9 pounds. But my non-scale victories mean more. I have had Shakeology everyday so I know I’m getting some good stuff in me, feel satisfied, and have less sugar cravings. I have been more consistent with my exercise, not perfect, but I’m not going for perfection. Just better habits. I have cut way down on my sugar. I even met a friend at Tim Horton’s and only had my black coffee. Not that I am depriving myself, but if I am going to have something sweet, I want it to be really good. Dessert was included for Sunday dinner. I had 3 bites and felt satisfied, and I felt ok about leaving most of it on my plate.

I have also learned how totally dedicated Tracie is to helping people live better by taking care of themselves. No question or struggle is too small for her attention. She is the BEST!

Lisa S.

Tracie is the best!!! She will always be honest, motivating and just tell you like it is….greatest coach ever! I’m thankful for meeting her and for her encouraging me to begin this journey.

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