Hey superhero! You got this!

To all the special needs parents out there, especially as we head into a new, unprecedentedly insane school year.
And ESPECIALLY to those of us that have chosen to homeschool.

You have superpowers.

So maybe you’re not Spiderman (though wouldn’t those webs come in handy sometimes?)
But you still have senses and abilities far more developed than those of the average parent.
Your senses tingle when something is wrong with your child, long before anyone else notices.
With your x-ray vision, you see through inaccurate diagnoses and inadequate treatments.
With your super strength you blast through red tape to get your child
 what they need.
With your lightning speed you swoop in to keep your child safe.
With your spidey-sense, you know when your child is feeling anxious or
 overwhelmed, and you know how to help them calm down.
With all these superpowers, you DO have the ability to teach your child. In fact, you may even do a better job of it. Because you know how to make your child feel comfortable. You know what they love so you can gear lessons toward their interests. You know that if it’s too easy, they will get bored and stop paying attention. And you know that if it’s too difficult they will feel overwhelmed and shut down. And so you can create the perfect curriculum for your child.
Like many a superhero, you can’t always explain to mere mortals how you know what you know.
Or how you do what you do.

Heck, most days, even YOU don’t know how you do it!

You just know that you will find a way to do whatever it takes to take care of your child.
But as Peter Parker himself learned, with great power comes great responsibility.
Parenting a special needs child IS a great responsibility.
Sometimes it feels like too much responsibility.
I’ve heard God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.
But I don’t think that is a very good explanation for a lot of things.
I don’t even really think God “gives” us or our children special needs.
We don’t always know why or how.
Although sometimes we do.
Sometimes it’s pretty clear what happened.
And I personally don’t blame God for that.

But you have superpowers.

So either way, you CAN handle it.
And you do. Every. Single. Day.
You’ve got this.
Don’t doubt yourself.
You’re doing a great job.
*I wish I could give author credit for the parts of this that aren’t mine. I received an anonymous card from someone in the special needs family ministry I’m part of. The words in the card inspired this post.

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