3 Foods to Boost Your Immunity Without Cutting Anything Out of Your Diet

3 Foods to Boost Your Immunity Without Cutting Anything Out of Your Diet

Maybe you don’t want to cut out all sugar or processed foods from your diet, or you’re gradually working on it.  You can still boost your immune system by eating the right foods without having a perfectly healthy diet just yet.


So what can you be eating right now to help boost your immune system?  Add these three foods, plus a bonus drink, to your plate every day and enjoy thee results with better healthy and less illness.


Number one is citrus foods: oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, those kinds of things. Citrus is really high in vitamin C, which is super helpful at boosting your immune system. You probably know that already. And it’s something you can take in a supplement form when needed, but most of the time our bodies absorb nutrients best through food as opposed to through supplements.

To make supplements either they extract it out of the food, or they make a manufactured copy of that nutrient. Lab created nutrients are not as absorbable. Our bodies are meant to absorb nutrients with foods. So sometimes there are other components in food that help our bodies absorb the nutrients.

Now when you’re coming down with something or if you’re trying to avoid coming down with something, it’s not going to hurt to take some vitamin C, vitamin D, or some zinc. But if you eat these all the time, you’re gonna have better natural stores of that when they’re needed.

Citrus is also really good for helping your liver function well at being able to deal with incoming pathogens and toxins.  Sp squeeze some lemon into your water, make dressings with citrus, or eat yourself in orange or tangerine.


Another food I want to talk about his broccoli or cruciferous vegetables:  broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, asparagus. They are high in vitamin C, as well as vitamins A and E.  Their fiber content is really good for feeding good gut bacteria which is kind of the basis of your immune system.

Garlic is the third excellent food to add. It’s anti-infection, it’s anti-bacterial, and anti-viral. It’s really good for you. Add some garlic to whatever you’re cooking along with that broccoli or those other dark green veggies and you are going to help your immune system be stronger.


And then the other thing I wanted to mention is a beverage: green tea. Green tea is really high in antioxidants. It’s really a good alternative to other caffeine sources. So if you’ve been looking to reduce your need for energy drinks, or even get away from coffee, drink green tea.

Looking for more ways to avoid illness this winter?  Check out this number one thing to keep your immune system supported and it doesn’t involve changing your diet.  Here’s to your health!

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